Monday, March 29, 2010

Conceptual Art Piece: Mounted wood w/ photos painted lines, and screws

Conceptual Art Piece of the day: Take 7 pieces, any size/shape/color/distressed or new, of reclaimed wood. Build a a frame with the ability to be hung on a wall & the ability to support the rest of the reclaimed wood. Break or cut the unframed wood and adhere them to the frame. Use 144 Screws preferably: MorTorq or Spanner Drill Tamper Proof (Other types are allowed but mixing types is not). Take 50 to 100 printed photos of the city and adhere them to the wood. Take diluted white paint and connect a random sharp corner with a different sharp corner until the overlapping lines become medium in density. Hang and admire for one week and then send to different location to be view for one week and repeat until your energy to keep up the rotation is exhausted.

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